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A Comparitive Analysis Of Wavelet Based Method For Denoising Of ECG Signal

Signal acquisition or transmission is often contaminated with noise. Denoising is an issue that must be resolved before further analysis of the signal. Denoise plays a major role in the analysis of biological signals. The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a common technique of recording bioelectric currents generated by the heart used for diagnosing cardiac diseases. Since ECG signal is a non-stationary signal, wavelet based analytical method presents best results in the case of irregularity measurements which makes it more convenient for ECG data analysis. Moreover, wavelet transform is a successful tool for analysis of biological signal because of its good localization properties in time and frequency domain. In this paper, wavelet based denoising of ECG signal is considered and the performance is evaluated by measuring SNR improvements. The results are compared using different wavelet transforms and finally a wavelet transform is proposed for optimal denoising of ECG signal.