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Fire Detection & Extinction with the Aid of an Autonomous Robot (On a Plane Surface)

The early detection and extinguishing of fire without human intervention is the basic need which saves considerable damage to life and property. This paper presents a design of an autonomous robot which detects and extinguishes fire on a plane surface at rudimentary stage in a very short time. The model designed is a prototype for real time physical environment of house or a small scale plant. The wall mounted sensors with radio frequency communication system activates when an inception of fire occurs. The robot follows the white lines on the ground surface, thus taking shortest path from its current location to fire location when the fire is detected. The fire extinction mechanism is developed using water tank and a plastic pipe. In real time, a specially designed fire extinguisher can be used. The robot returns to its home position once the fire is extinguished or directs to new location where fire is detected. The experiments with varying fire detected places and times of fire occurrence validate the performance of proposed prototype. The paper also suggests changes required to convert this prototype into real time system. Keywords - Detection, PD (Proportional-Derivative) Controller, Radio Frequency (RF) communication, sensors