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Development of Smart Wireless Sensor Network for Home Automation using Raspberry PI

This Project incorporates the design and development of a prototype of Smart Wireless Sensor Network for home automation. Monitoring different factors like home safety, LPG gas leakage, fire detection, temperature and humidity of home, vacant parking slot in parking zones can be of significance. A traditional approach for measuring these factors required participation of individuals for measuring and checking the above mentioned factors, which could have been time taking and costly. So main objective of this system is to design and implement it in such a way so that it’s efficient and cost effective. In this project one node is designed as master node and all other nodes as transmitting nodes, after collecting and processing data transmitting nodes send data wirelessly to master node. All the nodes are connected with Wi-Fi. At master node database has been created, where all the data is being stored, displayed and can be analyzed as per requirement. Keywords- Smart wireless sensor network, Home automation, Raspberry pi3, Sensors, Wi-Fi, Database.