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Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA): An Innovative Model based Approach

Catastrophe road accident is a reason of mortalities. Speed control is a ubiquitous need of the hour due to the enlarged frequencies of accidents occurred in our everyday life. A magnificent intelligent speed adaption approach helps to reduce fatalities from road accidents by diminishing the over speed of vehicle automatically. This paper recommends an innovative model based approach for spontaneously detecting the heavy stream of traffic regions accident avoidances technique in the current scenarios of real world. The ZigBee transmitter pointers the speed boundary of the particular region move in by the vehicle and also triggers warning messages like “construction work in progress”, “Be careful steep slopes ahead”, “Child zone” in the practice of acoustical messages displayed in LCD at regular intervals. The Zigbee communicator located in the vehicle gets the messages and passes to the microcontroller, it waits for few seconds, and finally vehicle’s controller unit automatically moderates the speed. Index Terms - ZigBee, LCD, MCU, Hall Sensor, Color Sensor, ISA, WHO, NCSI, ROP