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One Touch Device Control Module With Authentication For Elder People

There are several human disabilities in nature due to ageing such as movement, poor vision etc. leadto reduction or loss of the degrees of elder people freedom and decrease the quality of their life. Main objective of this proposed work is to design and develop a touch screen based system for elder people exclusively which allows the user comfortably to monitor and control the electric loads, which are at long range just by touching the screen on the handheld portable device without moving here and there and thereby increase their life quality through their active contribution towards the family with which they bound. Even though there are various type remote controllers, they enhance the complexity to the elder people in searching the correct control button among several small buttons due to poor vision. To overcome this complexity, this paper introduces a touch screen based control system. Moreover, to avoid the system usage by anunauthorized person, authentication feature is introduced, which makes this system a highly secured one. The developed system can create safe, intelligent, portable, user friendly, low cost and of course low power consumption.