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Comparative Study Of Conventional Controllers

Controllers are subjected to the plant to control its desired performance parameters. They are used in forward path of the system. The conventional controllers include proportional (P), integral (I), derivative (D), proportional-plus-integral (PI), proportional-plus-derivative (PD) and proportional-plus-integral-plus-derivative (PID) controllers. A good controller is the one which has fast response with reduced overshoot and steady state error. The output response must trace the input trajectory. In this paper, comparative study is based on proportional (P), proportional-plus-integral (PI), proportional-plus- derivative (PD) and proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller. The comparison is done by considering the example of an armature controlled separately excited DC motor. The modeling of motor and implementation of controllers and their comparison is performed on software package MATLAB/ SIMULINK.