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Multimodal Biometric Template Access Control Using Fingerprint Data Encrypted By Iris Data

Biometrics has been one the main security solutions in almost every type of infrastructure (whether critical or non-critical) ranging from the main doors at home, libraries to the critical infrastructures like banks and airports. Despite the forceful impetus on research on biometric security that has taken biometrics from one simple levelto a much higher levels of security, there are still some open challenges in this field of security that need to be filled. Among all those challenges and loopholes, the security of template is of the most important concern. The reason for this is that we don’t want any identity compromises If a biometric template in the database of the system of a person is compromised that consequently would mean identity theft of that person. This paper proposes a novel method that uses two different biometric data from the same person for making a biometric template against each person. The two biometric modalities that have been used in our work are fingerprint and iris using best features. The features and verification of the proposed system has been done using MATLAB.