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Current And Voltage Harmonics In The Drives Of Jagenberg And Pasaban Sheeting Machines

Harmonics are a distortion of the normal electric current and voltage waveforms. Most power systems will experience problems when harmonics become a significant component of the overall load. As these harmonics flow through the power system, they can cause motor performance problems. Paper and pulp industries in particular, due to presence of concentrated high power non-linear loads such as electric drives, this problem is a great concern . The impact of harmonics related problems in a paper board mills are (a) potential stoppage of motors and (b) production losses. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the behaviour of harmonics due to Drives. In addition, the impact of process variables on harmonics was also investigated. The equipment used for the study were two sheeting machines namely Jagenberg Sheeter and Pasaban Sheeter. These Sheeting machines contained Main DC Drives and Auxiliary AC Drives. Power Analyser was used to measure Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) and Minitab was used to plot graphs for analysis. The study concluded that the drives of Jagenberg Sheeter and of Pasaban contributed to THD (Current) and THD (Voltage). The study also concluded that the independent variables Sheeter Speed and Chopping length impacted THD (Current) as well as THD (Voltage) in 5th Order and 7th Order in Jagenberg Drives; however, in case of Pasaban Drives, Sheeter Speed and Chopping length impacted THD (Current) in 5th Order and 7th Order only and not THD (Voltage). In addition, THD (Current) and THD (Voltage) behaved similarly in Jagenberg Drives whereas in case Pasaban Drives they did not do so. Finally, GSM or Grammage did not impact either THD (Current) or THD (Voltage).