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Novel Pilot Based Spectrum Sensing Algorithm

Spectrum scarcity is an unresolved problem due to static frequency allocation. Adapting a spectrum sensing algorithm to utilize unused primary user’s spectrum to secondary user is a promising solution. This paper proposes a Pilot based Spectrum Sensing (PSS) algorithm to sense the pilot tones on OFDM based primary user signal. The algorithm consists of two stages namely coarse and fine stage to senses the presence of primary user even at worst sensing cases like time offset and higher noise gain. On each iteration, PSS algorithm decides the channel hypothesis based on the outcome of the two stages. Moreover, only pilot tones on the received signal are sensed which ensures the security of primary user information. Features such as precise sensing interval, power level comparison, low pass filter, correlation coefficient and sliding window process are considered in PSS algorithm. Performance analysis of PSS algorithm through simulation indicates reduced false alarm probability and improved probability of detection.