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Genetic Algorithm Based Optimal Allocation Of Svc For Reactive Power Loss Minimization In Power Systems

With the help of the FACTS controllers, it is possible to reduce real & reactive power losses in the power System. Their location, type & rating have influence on system performance. Location & type chosen should be proper & rating must be optimal for economical operation of the power system. This work presents a new approach to find the optimal rating of FACTS controllers by using Genetic Algorithm (GA) & conventional Newton Raphson power flow method. Among various FACTs controllers, Static VAR Compensator (SVC) is considered in this work. Our objective is to minimize the reactive power loss in the system by placing optimum rating of the SVC. It has used reactive power loss minimization as objective function to find the optimal rating of SVC. The proposed algorithm is an effective & practical method in this direction. To verify the effectiveness of proposed algorithm, studies are carried out on IEEE 9 bus & IEEE 30bus systems, with different loading conditions. Different loading conditions considered are normal loading condition, 80% loading condition, 90% loading condition, 110% loading condition & 120% loading condition. Each test system, with same loading condition is examined.