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Identification of Land Cover Features based on Spectral Response of IMS HYSI-1 Image using MATLAB

Satellite Remote sensing with repetitive and pan viewing and multispectral capabilities, is a powerful tool for mapping and monitoring the ecological changes. Analysis of the remote sensing data is faced with a number of challenges ranging from type of sensors, number of sensors, spectral responses of satellite sensors, resolutions in different domains and qualitative and quantitative interpretation. Any analysis of satellite imagery directly depends on the uniqueness of above features. The multispectral image from IMS HYSI sensor has been used as the primary data to produce land cover classification. This paper reports on the study of IMS HYSI image, with emphasis on spectral responses of satellite sensors. The aim of the study is to provide spatial Information about Land and Its properties . Index Terms - Spectral Signature, Spectral Response, Resolution and IMS HYS-1 Image.