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Development of 4W Solid State Amplifier in The Frequency Range of 40±6MHZ

This paper presents broad-band 4W solid-state power amplifier operating at RF 40±6MHz frequencies in the class AB mode of operation. This amplifier stage will be used as a driver to another solid state amplifier of more than 40W output in the given frequency range. The amplifier is over current and over voltage protected by using the regulated dc power supply. The stability of MRF 134 is improved by parallel resistive loading. This amplifier can deliver 4 W to 50-ohm load with 55% efficiency and 18 dB gain. The toroidal ferrite transformer is used to implement a broadband matching network. The simulation work is done using Tina 9 – TI software. Numerous parameters like Frequency response, power gain and output waveform etc. related to solid state amplifier have been rigorously substantiated. Keywords - Broadband amplifier, class AB mode of operation, Transformer matching.