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Voice Controlled Home Automation using Internet of Things

Theoretical—Internet of Things (IoT) is an idea that envisions all items around us as a component of web.. This paper introduces a thought or an idea for home computerization utilizing voice acknowledgment , also the Development of a prototype for controlling smart home devices through IOT and Controlling of dumb devices through IOT by the means of Wi-Fi driven chipset solution – ESP8266. Contrary to the other projects, this work is directed towards a sensors approach and an ontology modeling of the Smart Home.. This is also acknowledged by the need to give frameworks which offers help to matured and physically impaired individuals, particularly individuals who lives alone. Smart home or home automation can be said as the residential extension of building automation, it also involves the automation and controlling of lightings, ACs, ventilation and security which also includes home appliances such as dryers/washers, ovens or refrigerators/freezers which uses WiFi for monitoring via remote for ease of use. Now a day’s speed of the processing and communication through smart mobile devices at very affordable costs, to improve the life style concept relevant to smart life, like smart t. v. , smart cities, smart phones, smart life, smart school and internet of things etc. Keywords- Internet of Things, ESP 8266, web based, embedded systems, voice control, Sensors