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A Novel Speech Enhancement Algorithm based on Cepstral Domain

This paper presents a new speech enhancement algorithm which has design the combination of MMSE-LOGSTSA algorithm and Cepstral sharpening method. Speech enhancement is very important for many applications where clean speech is basic factor which is essential for further processing. To remove the noise from noisy speech signal are utilized by speech enhancement techniques. Speech enhancement in cepstral domain is presented in this paper. MMSE-LOG-STSA algorithm improves the speech quality but by using cepstral sharpening it improves speech intelligibility also. The proposed algorithm's noticeable improvement over the earlier method is its adaptability to the non-stationary noise. Performance parameters such as SNR and PESQ are used in the proposed algorithm for measuring quality as well as intelligibility of speech signals. Keywords - Speech enhancement, cepstral domain, PESQ, MMSE-LOG-STSA, Cepstral boosting.