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Analysis of Challenges in the Area of Quality of Service (QoS) Support in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANETS)

Mobile ad hoc networks are the collection of wireless nodes which communicate with each other either in single or multihop without the support of centralized infrastructure. Each device in a MANET changes its link to other devices all the time, as they are free to move in all direction. It is important to be cautious while transferring data over MANETs and it is not secure, because of its dynamic nature. In MANTEs real time and Multimedia applications required Quality of Service (QoS) like bandwidth, energy, end-to-end delayand jitter. In MANETs Quality of Service (QoS) is much more difficult and challenging task, usually defined as a set of service requirements that needs to be met by the network while transporting packets from a source to its destination[3]. This paper presents analysis of challenges and issues in providing QoS support to MANETs. There are many challenges in Quality of Service provisioning for MANETs like automatically changing topology, wireless capacity limitations, limited battery power, and Network Configuration, Limited physical security[3]. Keywords - Mobile ad hoc Network, Quality of service, Wireless Network, Packets