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Design and Implementation of Power Electronic Transformer for Inertial Measurements of Civil Aircrafts

The services that the aircraft supply has to satisfy increases with increase in size of the aircrafts. Most aircrafts use 120V, 400Hz AC supply, but the aircrafts may have multiple voltage requirements in order to power various components in aircrafts. Usually transformers, rectifiers and inverters are used to modify the supply voltage according to the requirement. The main objective of implementing the power electronic transformer (PET) is to replace the ordinary low frequency transformers as it offers several benefits like reduction in size and weight. So that only less energy needs to be stored in the transformer core per cycle, so the core can be made smaller. Reduction in size is always ideal for aircrafts considering safer operation of aircrafts. Implementation of PETs for inertial measurements of civil aircrafts helps in solving low power factor problems and size reduction. In this paper, the practical design and application of a power electronic transformer for inertial measurement of civil aircrafts is done. Keywords - PET, Rectifier, Inverter, Cycloconverter