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A Compact Design of Dual-Band Pentagonal Fractal Ring Antenna for Wideband Application

Another outline of double band Coplanar waveguide (CPW)- encouraged Pentagonal Ring Fractal fix Antenna (PRFPA).which is isolate into two resounding recurrence band along these lines, first Resonant Frequency is 3.5GHz WiMAX and second is 5.5GHz WLAN all the while, In this Antenna task is double band ,The principal Iteration is fractal transmitting patch is imprinted on a solitary substrate layer and coplanar waveguide structure utilized as a part of this recieving wire ,For Analysis of after effects of Antenna ,Optimization Electromagnetic and demonstrating of the model structure ,and as far as Impedance Bandwidth ,Radiation Pattern, Current Distribution ,Gain, and Efficiency, ANSYS HFSS is utilized. Reproduction Result can be get on both programming. The recreation result demonstrates the Antenna measure is (22x22x1.6mm),it is ease, Planar and straightforward design. it works in double band and it has great stable Omni directional Radiation Pattern individually. Keywords - Dual-Band, Compact, Pentagonal Ring fractal Antenna, CPW-Coplanar Waveguide etc.