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Lithium Ion Battery Control System for Hybrid- Electric-Vehicle

Now days increase in the Requirement of Vehicles and protecting the environment from Harmful gases like carbon and greenhouse, both are correlated to each other. So, for Energy storage system, in making progress of Electric or hybrid vehicles Lithium-ion batteries has been generally used. Li-ion battery utilized as a part of market because of its better execution when compare with different batteries regarding acceleration and range. Li-ion battery is a rechargeable battery, during discharge Li-ion’s move from negative electrodes to positive electrodes and reverse while charging. Lithium-ion battery has few hitches such as overvoltage of battery has a risk of explosion, undercharged will reduce the life cycle of battery and unbalanced charge in series connection continuously decreases overall charge of limit. This paper gives the comparisons of Lithium-ion battery with other batteries parameters and discusses the safety and life cycle measure of the battery. Keywords - Lithium-ion battery (Li-ion), Electric vehicle (EVs), Hybrid vehicle (HVs), Battery management system (BMS).