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Development of Sensor-Based Lighting System for Sewing Machine

It is the continuous effort of experts in this industry to help improve the productivity, increase the operator’s efficiency and skill. While trying to achieve all these, we can’t forget about the comfort of the operator. That’s where ergonomics plays its role. It is important to ensure that proper working conditions are available to the operator. Amongst the working conditions, the less looked upon is the lighting of the production floor. It is crucial to help in the visual percept ion of the operator and to facilitate the sewing process. It has attracted the attention of ergonomists and garment technologists in the recent years, where they have derived the relationship between illuminance levels and productivity. It has also shown to have a direct impact on the operator’s general well-being. To guarantee proper lighting conditions to the operator at the sewing machine, “Sensor Based Lighting System” has been developed. It takes into account the intensity and color of light, so that optimum quantity and quality of illuminance are provided. It has combined the principles of color psychology and physics along with ergonomics to come up with a solution that would provide maximum comfort and least amount of strain to the operator’s eyes. The system has tested the use of colored light in industrial environment.