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Issues and Possible Solutions Supported by GPON for High Speed Internet based Services

Passive Optical Network is one of the capable technologies in today’s access network. Gigabit PON (GPON) is one of the technologies of PON. PON is having better characteristics, stability, cost effectiveness and reliability for supporting various services provided by access network. GPON is bidirectional access network between service provider and customer’s premises, and have point to multipoint connection. High Bandwidth demands of advance technology along with cost effectiveness are the driving forces behind the development of PON networks. In this paper, a comprehensive analysis on evolution of access network has been considered and various factors which led to switching from conventional access network to optical access network have been discussed. The focus of this paper is to discuss the various issues of PON networks and the possible solutions provided and supported by the GPON. Next generation PON are GPON solutions which provide bitrates in the range of 10Gbps and more. Various technologies have been used for higher split ratio and larger distance such as WDM-PON, HPON. The purpose of this paper is to give introduction to GPON, characteristics of GPON and the various solutions provided by GPON for PON issues. Keywords - PON (Passive Optical Network), Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), HDTV (High Definition Television), Optical Line Terminal, ODN (Optical Distribution Network), ONU POT (Plain Old Telephones), TDMA.