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An Empirical View On Live Video Streaming Issues Over LTE Networks

The evolution of mobile communications technology has opened horizons of development and competition for technology developers and network service providers and presented a world of internet services to the users. Due to the rapid increase in data rates using LTE technology, users are able to watch High Definition videos on the mobile devices and at the same time, advanced mobile systems are being manufactured to access the broadband services. As more and more smart devices are being developed, the network performance and Quality of Service management is a major challenge for the network operators. To alleviate the network from such congestion during any hour of operation, we have proposed a solution that bypasses the use of video servers for video streaming between near or distant clients. As video stream is requested by any UE in single cell or multi cell environment, the request is completed by streaming the video packets directly to the requesting User Equipment through the nearest eNodeB, eliminating the need of central video servers. We have demonstrated that the use of our network design improves the end-to-end delay by 45% and throughput by 40%. Keywords- LTE networks, End-to-end Delay, UE, Video Streaming.