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Comparing The Performance Of Electrical Variation Gas Sensing Methods In E-Nose: A Review

Sensor is mainly used for fast detection of gases in applications. Each sensor has its own kind of response in the sensory array. Certain organic compounds like acetone, acetic acid, benzene, ethyl alcohol, methane, isopropyl alcohol, trichloroethane and ethyl acetates are present in alcohols and house hold products which causes severe death to human life. These compounds provide relative information on the product quality and improve product acceptability. By determining the alcohol in body the person’s health can be accessed. To monitor and measure these VOCs in human system, gas sensors can be used. The aim of this paper is to identify the suitable electrical variation gas sensing methods to detect the toxic VOCs in E-Nose technology. Keywords- Toxic VOC’s Identification, Electrical Variation Gas Sensor, E-Nose