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Stability and Nonlinear Dynamic Behavior Analysis of a Telecommunication Antenna with a Periodicity-Ratio Approach

The nonlinear oscillation and vibration occurring on a Tele communication Antenna system is studied in this research. For a quantitative investigation for the behavior and stability of the nonlinear system, the physical and mathematical models are established in the research. Various system parameter such as the angle of support and wind speed are considered. The system highly reflects the practical engineering application in the Telecommunication antenna, with the same concept to support the Antenna on rigid vertical rod there are cables to minimize the vibration due to wind generated on the system. Behavior of motion of nonlinear systems, such as periodicity, non-periodicity and chaos are investigated with the help of a newly developed P-R method rather than using conventional numerical method. Periodicity range for the responses of the system is identified, which is significant for a thorough and quantitative comprehension of the behavior of the system. Keywords - Nonlinear dynamic systems, nonlinear behavior diagnosis, periodicity-ratio, telecommunication antenna, chaos