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Awaaz: A Sign Language Interpreter

Very few people understand sign language. More- over, contrary to popular belief, it is not an international language. Therefore, people who are physically impaired always face problem in communication with the society. A good way to help this community is with the help of Sign Language Interpretation System. But for people who are not well-versed with Sign Language, it is difficult for them to communicate without an interpreter. Thus, our main aim in this project is to develop an interpreter which will be useful for both physically impaired and normal people to communicate with each other by converting hand gesture to text and then text to speech. Hand gesture is a subset of Sign Language Interpretation system, which uses hand signs to recognize alphabets of the spoken or written language. This project includes the recognition of all the English Alphabets (A-Z) and Numbers (0-9) using the American Sign Language (ASL) system. This system can easily communicate by providing an interface between the physically impaired and normal people using American Sign Language (ASL). In this interpreter, we are inculcating SIFT algorithm for Image Processing and a few Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Deep Learning algorithms. Keywords - SIFT Algorithm, Image Processing, Deep Learning Algorithms.