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Video Super Resolution Reconstruction From Low Resolution Images Using Spline Interpolation

Transmitting a real time video for Military, Satellite, Cellular and Surveillance applications over a low bandwidth channel is a challenging problem. Due to limited channel bandwidth, the bit rate of high resolution image/video is decreased by decimation (down sampling) and transmitted through the channel, resulting in a low bit rate compressed image. At the output(receiving) side, the high resolution image/video is reconstructed from the set of compressed low resolution noisy and blurred images using a technique known as super resolution. In this paper we explain the problem of reconstructing a high resolution image/video using several low bit rate compressed (low resolution) noisy and blurred images is considered. We propose an efficient method for reconstruction of a high resolution image using a set of low resolution images, Spline interpolation and De-blurring. The performance of the proposed method is verified using objective and subjective quality measures for an image. Based on the experimental results, the proposed algorithm provides a better PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio), SSIM (structural similarity index measure) and SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio).