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Performance Analysis of Channel Estimation using LS and MMSE Algorithm for Multimedia Communication

In wireless medium, multiple signals are transmitted from multiple users at same time using the same frequency and separated space. Various channel assessment techniques are employed in order to predict the physical variations of the medium present. In this work, we study and implement different channel estimation methods for MIMO Systems are Least Squares (LS) estimation algorithm, Minimum Mean Square Error Estimation (MMSE) algorithm, these methods are therefore compared to efficiently predict the channel state information in MIMO method. The results show the performance metric of the system is signal power be necessary to support different values of bit error rate varies according to the present channel conditions between the transmitting and the receiving antennas .In addition, it show that the performance of the system significantly improves when the number of sender and receiver antennas increases. The performance of MMSE and LS estimation methods are simulated for different channels by using MATLAB software the MMSE algorithm performs well than LS algorithm. The analysis clearly shows that channel estimation using MMSE algorithm provides better BER. Keywords - A Signal to Noise Ratio, Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE), Least Square (LS), Bit Error Rate, Channel Impulse Response (CIR).