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Power System Transient Stability Improvement on Jos – Gombe 330kv Line using Static Var Compensator

This work presents the result of a study carried out to determine the impact of Static VAR Compensator on voltage profiles and reactive power flow in the Nigerian 330kV transmission grid network. The research seeks to mitigate the challenge of high reactive power on Jos – Gombe 330kV single circuit transmission line. The high reactive power is produced in that axis as a result of low industrial demand in the North-Eastern region of Nigeria which results in low-inductive loading of the long transmission line that spans from Jos to Gombe and its extension to Yola, Damaturu and Maiduguri. This research also performed optimal placement of the static var compensator in the area where it can influence the voltage at the static var compensator device connection point by controlling the reactive power flow through the grid. This was accomplished by modeling the existing 330kV Nigerian network in DIgSILENT PowerFactory. The result was an improved power stability on the line between Jos and Gombe. The voltage tolerance with the approved Nigerian Grid Code and compliance was ensured. Also, the static var compensator was proposed over reactors due to the fact that is a switched shunt. Keywords- Ferranti Effect; DIgSILENT PowerFactory; Grid Code; Transient Stability; Voltage Tolerance; Optimal Placement.