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Battery Management System for Smart Vehicles

Battery management system (BMS) is an essential & integral part of the electric vehicle (EV) and the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). A Battery Management System (BMS) serves the purpose of an Electronic-regulator by performing dual function of monitoring as well as controlling the charging-discharging phenomenon of Rechargeable batteries. The rising advancements in the Battery- technology have attracted the designers towards an effective management of a battery. Battery design improvements are satisfying the wide-range requirements of today’s electronic devices from Portable devices to Electric vehicles (e-Vehicles). As Environmental protection has given a loud call to e- vehicles so, BMS plays a significant role in this Eco-Friendly objective. In a simple way, BMS work as a watchdog on the key operational parameters during charging & discharging process of the battery (mainly used for Lithium-ion Battery). Performance Parameters here involves Voltage, Current & the battery internal and ambient temperature which are to be kept within specified rating values in order to have a safe and reliable output. Keywords - Ambient-temperature, Cell- balancing, Cell- monitoring, State-of- charge of Battery, State-of-Health of a battery, Depth-of- Discharge(DoD)