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Saptaswara - Piano Playing Robot

Engineering Exploration is a first-year course, and it is a PBL approach (Project Based Learning). In this course, students are given a need statement from that they have to carve out a problem definition and with the help of this problem definition students have to develop the prototype by following the Engineering Design process. Agile as a project management methodology- in particular Scrum is used to develop the prototype. Musical bot is one of the need statements in this course. The purpose of this need statement is to economically automate the musical instruments so that it can be played by all age groups anytime without the need for the musician. This could solve the problem of searching for musicians to play music in recreational centers, music therapy, restaurants, temples, old age homes, moreover its’ more economical and convenient. This paper presents the automation in musical instrument piano which is controlled using a voice command. It basically takes feedback from the Google voice assistance and this data is used for selecting their desired music. This is possible by the integration of the Saptaswara App with the Google voice recognizer and Bluetooth module. Keywords- Musical Bot, Piano Playing Robot, Agile Methodology, Music Therapy, Engineering and Automation.