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A Comparison of R-S(7,3) and R-S(15,9), Employing Reed-Solomon Encoder and Decoder

In an era of digital communication and information technology, we all seek to transmit information in a fraction of a second. However, it‟s always likely that the reliability of the communication is jeopardized by noise and errors. It‟s because the communication system is always susceptible to errors and noise. Therefore, error detection as well as correction becomes an essential prerequisite to any efficient communication system. Here come Reed-Solomon codes that ensure smooth and hassle-free data transmission. Using VHDL code on Xilinx Spartan 6, this paper is aimed at designing, simulating and implementing R-S Encoder and R-S Decoder. It targets GF(23) and GF(24) to correct 2 burst errors and 3 burst errors in R-S(7,3) and R-S(15,9)encoder and decoder respectively. Keywords - R-S Encoder and Decoder, Galois Field, VHDL