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Facial Gestures Based Control System for Differently-Abled Individuals

Computers are one of the most stupendous inventions of all time. Operating a computer in a well effective manner is essential. With a little bit of practice, any person can use a computer effectively. But as of now the operation of a computer for a differently-abled person is a hindrance. But what if there was a way for them to operate the system just as any normal person? The proposed model that has been developed based on computer vision provides the user with a convenient interface that enables the user to control the entire system through facial gestures. Each facial expression is assigned specific tasks that enable the user to operate the system. The different task refers to mouse clicks, moving the mouse pointers, typing, etc. This model has a very user-friendly GUI which enables any type of user to understand the interface within minutes. The future work of this proposed model is to create a separate OS for differently-abled persons which will be more convenient for users to operate. Keywords - Facial gestures, Computer vision, Handicapped, Shape prediction, App based control, Face control.