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Steganography Android Application using LSB and DCT Techniques for Gray and Color Images

Due to increased unauthorized access of confidential data, information security has become immensely important. Thus, it has become vital to reduce the chances of information detection during transmission. Steganography is an art of communication that hides secret message data over a public channel using a secret key. A hidden text message can be conveyed by superimposing a secret message into a covered message; whereby, only the sender and the receiver can know about it, and a third person cannot suspect it exists. The image with the hidden message is called a stego image. This paper introduces a steganography Android application. The aim of the application is to hide and retrieve text messages in images using a secret key and the least significant bit (LSB) modification with discrete cosine transform (DCT) techniques. The results show that the LSB and DCT techniques are better than results of the previous studies based on calculating the Mean Square Error and Bit Error Rate. The proposed application offers many features such as allows users to send stego image using any application that allows image sharing it overcomes the disadvantages to changes in image resolution and it improves the level of security. Keywords - Steganography, LSB, DCT, Stego Image And Secret Key.