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Enhancing the Capacity of DWDM Optical Network - A Survey

With the exponential advancement of internet and the revolution in high bandwidth applications have constituted capacity Requests that transcend the old-fashioned methods and have paved the way for advancement in fiber optic communication. To perceive growing Requisition for bandwidth a technology named Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) has been developed that increases the capacity of a single fiber. This paper explains the details of DWDM networks, its design parameters and requirements to enhance the capacity of the system. Analyzed different techniques to mitigate losses occurred while transmitting the information through optical fiber. It also gives the details of evaluating the system performance with respect to Quality factor, Bit Error Rate and eye height. Thus this paper gives Overview of enhancing carrying capacity in DWDM system for long haul transmission. Keywords - Amplifiers, DWDM, Optical Fibers.