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Adaptive Hybrid AOA/TDOA Method with Desensitization Testing to Evaluate Geolocation of Harmful Interference in Urban Areas

The exponential growth of wireless devices has significantly created a challenge to spectrum regulators. As a key piece of the wireless economy infrastructure, spectrum needs to be well-managed and able to transmit data without interference, It has been well known in any situations. Spectrum monitoring therefore is one of the critical operation for supporting spectrum management efficiency. To monitor the spectrum, information such as frequency and location are acquired and used to detect any unauthorized or illegal activities. Moreover, spectrum monitoring has also used to allocate and assign frequency bands, resolve the problems caused by interference and enforce the compliance with regulations and conditions of authorization. In case of radio frequency, the robustness of signals can be harmful the operation of monitoring stations as well, which affects the operation planning and quality control of mobile or other radio services. Therefore, the main propose of this research is to investigate and adapt using radio monitoring stations, namely, Hybrid AOA/TDOA method with desensitizing test of harmful robust RF signals to accurately and efficiently locate its geolocation. Keywords - Regulator, Interference, Spectrum Management, Monitoring Station, Hybrid AOA/TDOA, Desensitization, Geolocation.