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Different Brillouin Frequency Shift in Multiwavelength Brillouin Erbium Fiber Laser for DWDM Communication System

In this paper, a different Brillouin frequency shift in multiwavelength Brillouin Erbium fiber laser (MBEFL) are presented. The expanded of the Brillouin frequency shift from double channel spacing (20 GHz), triple channel spacing (30 GHz), and quadruple channel spacing (40 GHz)are covered. It is known that the problem in the dense wavelength division multiplexing DWDM communication system is the de-multiplexing process in the receiver side which make the detection process difficult to be recognized. Thus, this expansion is dedicated to being necessary in the receiver side of the optical communication system to avoid the problem of the de-multiplexing for DWDM communication system. In addition, the techniques that used to achieve such Brillouin frequency signal spacing shift and the effect of such techniques on the performance of the multiwavelength fiber laser sources are studied. Finally, the important results obtained by the latest researchers related to the number of the optical channels and the tuned bandwidth of the generated signals are summarized. Keywords - Brillouin Frequency Shift, DWDM, MBEFL, Optical Communication Sources.