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Implementation of Autonomous Transportation System using Drones

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are being used for many years in industries and other places where humans find it difficult to reach, these drones make short-distance aerial work easier. However, people who have been using drones use it for a sole purpose (i.e. for videography, entertainment). We are building a system that consists of a swarm of drones which can be used to divide and complete work, smartly and efficiently. Our swarm of drones will be useful in applications such as parts delivery within an industry, food delivery in restaurants and in rescue missions. To achieve these applications our main goal is to make the drones communicate and coordinate with each other. This is achieved using two subsystems, a local system that runs on each drone and a central system that acts as a ground station. The drones communicate with each other via the ground station sending messages in the form of UDP packets. The ground station also acts as a collision detection system, predicting if a collision may occur and providing an alternate path. The local systems are responsible for controlling their respective drones. The system that is being built will be scalable, that is our codebase doesn‟t need to be changed if additional drones are added or removed. Picking up objects that exceed the payload of a single drone is taken care of by multiple drones at the same time. Keywords - Drones, REST, Collision Detection System