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Word Grouping Captcha-A Novel Approach For Securing Web Services

“CAPTCHA” stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test[1] to Tell Computers and Humans Apart[2]. Due to exponential growth of internet, security of web application has become a vital issue and many web applications facing a threat of web bots also known as internet Robot is an automated script which executes over the web forms and occupy web spaces and thus increases network traffic. The problem with current text based captcha (most popular captcha) systems is that most of them have proven to be either not robust enough (they have been broken) or they are too complicated or annoying to read even for humans. Word grouping is a type of captcha in which user has to divide the given words in two subgroups. This Paper proposes a solution for improving web security from Web Bots (Robots) by implementing WORD GROUPING CAPTCHA. This paper also discusses captcha evaluation parameter and comparing text based captcha, picture based captcha, word grouping captcha based on evaluation parameters.