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Industrial Optimization Using Voice And Android Smartphone Control

Speech processing is becoming more and more popular these days providing immense security. Also, many of the projects undertaken by engineers are based on various platforms neglecting security and authentication. The MFCC method used for speech processing is practically acclaimed and provides better results than its other counterparts namely HMM, LPC, WT etc. Furthermore,Android, a largely popular platform providing powerful capabilities and an open architecture is commonly used to have control over a device. The Development of Radio Frequency transmission has led to carving a new technology “Bluetooth”. Bluetooth converges with android to provide a far better controlling platform. This paper aimsto brief and use the practical approach of robotics through a popular platform androidand the speech recognition method Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC). Also,it gives the industry an optimized method for acquiring informationregarding temperature, humidity, gas leakage in challenging surroundings and provides security with voice authentication. Keywords—MFCC, Android, Bluetooth, Radio Frequency transmission , Smartphone.