Paper Title
Vigilance Robot

We propose and experimentally evaluate an embedded solution for the military application using vigilance robot. Vigilance robot is an electromechanical vehicle that walk on the six leg. The proposed system is used for enemy targeting and the detection of hazardous gas. The system comprises of a micro-controller, dc motor, servo motor, wireless camera, gas sensor, PIR sensor, zigbee model. Vigilance robot is done using microcontroller, DC motor interface for movement of six legs and servo motor interface for movement of gun which is used for enemy targeting. For continuous display of data (i.e. gas concentration) LCD display is employed. Vigilance Robot detects human using PIR sensor. The system is having gun mounted on its top. .Also wireless camera is mounted on the top of the robot. With the help of camera it is easy to observe surrounding environment in which robot is placed. The robot is placed in the remote places and data will be send to operator using zigbee module. Keywords—Hexapod, Vigilance.