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Multipath Propagation Of Statistical Underwater Acoustic Channel

More than 70% of the earth surface is covered by water and still remains 95% unexplored. Underwater world holds a lot of information for researchers, engineers, defence and marine organizations. In the underwater, radio and optical waves cannot broadcast over a long distances. Instead of that acoustic waves can be used. Before deployment of the acoustic sensor nodes in an underwater, how they will be performed in an underwater is characterized by underwater acoustic channel. Hence, it is essential to understand the performance of underwater acoustic channel for system design. But acoustic waves in an underwater acoustic channel (UWA) largely affected by noise, transmission loss, multipath propagation, channel variation and Doppler spread. This paper includes a statistical acoustic underwater channel that contains multipath due to bottom and surface reflections. The multipath propagation with single transmitter and receiver is existed. In this multipath with multi transceivers is proposed.