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Image Information Fusion Based On FPGA

The field of digital image processing refers to processing digital images by means of a digital computer. A digital image is composed of a finite number of elements, each of which has a particular location and value. Image fusion is very powerful tool in the area of digital image processing. Multi sensor Image fusion is the process of combining relevant information from two or more images into a single image. The most widespread enabling technology for these kinds of implementations is the field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Modern versions of these devices offer a number of critical characteristics such as large number of logic elements to allow the implementation of complex algorithms, very large scale integration to occupy minimum space, low power consumption, and very high speed grades. Therefore, system implementations can be real time, mobile, robust, and low-power consuming. In this paper pixel to pixel based image fusion method is used. Keywords—Spartan 3 FPGA, Matlab, Standard deviation, Pixel to pixel image fusion.