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Portable Data Logger For Medical Application Using Microcontroller

The growing interest of physiological data sensing using camera is useful for detection. It presents the design of a portable data logger that includes Camera, LCD screen, and rechargeable battery. Images are taken by camera which does operations on it. At that same time it will show that taken images on monitor of screen .Theses images which can be easily detect normal and abnormal skin. The hardware design can use for various medical or industrial applications by changing only the hardware. Testing with the images is used to demonstrate the performance advantages of the data logger. To detect Skin defected edges is one of medical applications for dermatologist. Skin images taken by camera convert into electrical signals for processing, transmission and recording by electronic devices. Currently, now a day there is no any method used to work on the defected skin areas for delicate cases in cancer. Images can be transmitted wired to a portable data logger unit. After data logging is completed, the image is processed such that it will be examine the captured data for medical diagnostics. Keywords— Raspberry PI Microcontroller; Camera; Edge detection; Image processing.