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Embedded Video Surveillance System Using Multi-Camera Tracking

Now a day’s, there is demand of a video surveillance in metropolitan cities. There is need of maintaining the security of the citizens. Due to the limited view of the CCTV camera, wide area of the place is not covered. In last few years, there is vast need of automatic video surveillance. This is used in crowded public locations for the purpose of the surveillance. Hence, the proposed solution is the scene surveillance using multi-camera network. In the proposed system, a traditional tracking method for single camera tracking is used to detect and track multiple targets. In the traditional approach, single camera is used for the surveillance. Due to the view limitations of the cameras, it is difficult to obtain the long term tracking of the moving objects in the surveillance scenes. To overcome this, the long term ARM based tracking system using multi camera is proposed. In proposed system, multi camera network is used. Multiple overlapping cameras are used for the wide area of the surveillance from different views. In multi camera network surveillance, single camera tracking is a basic part which is used to obtain the information of the moving objects such as position, trajectory, motion, etc. Keywords—Surveillance video; Embedded system; Image processing; Camera; Real time tracking.