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Coin Based Mobile Charger Using Solar

Now a day’s mobile phone has become a major source of business as well as personal communication. This coin operated mobile phone charger is a new application for those areas where charging resources are not available. This solar based chargers convert sun(light) energy into DC current for a range of voltage that can be used for charging the battery. Mobile will get charge ,only when a coin is inserted at the coin insertion slot. One mechanical slot is attached with electrical triggering in coin insertion slot. If inserting the correct coin then it will sends a pulse to the control unit authorizing the start of charging the mobile battery connected to the device. In this project LCD interfacing with microcontroller for displays what action is to be done like the selection of mobile, ‘How much battery will charge’ etc. In this proposed system image processing is used for the correct coin detection. Keywords—Solar Energy; Solar Tracking System; Image, Processing.