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FPGA Implementation Invisible Image Watermarking Algorithm In Wavelet Domain

In recent years, the applications about multimedia have been developed rapidly. For the protection of data, there has been growing interest in developing effective techniques to discourage the unauthorized duplication of digital data. Digital watermarking is the process of embedding information into a digital signal in a way that is difficult to remove. Watermarking consists of embedding algorithm and extraction algorithm. In the proposed approach before performing embedding of watermark in the host image wavelet decomposition is applied. Image decomposition is performed using wavelet packet transform. Watermark should be perceptually invisible so that it is difficult to remove and it should be robust to various attacks. The main characteristics of watermarking are robustness, invisibility and capacity. The results show that watermark is invisible and robustness is checked by applying various attacks. The proposed algorithm is implemented in FPGA. Keywords—Invisible Algorithm;Watermarking;Wavelet Packet Transform; Copyright Protection; FPGA