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Intelligent Medication System For Visually Impaired Patients

Healthcare delivery is a major worldwide concern and effective approaches depend on proper healthcare management. Healthcare can be provided via a variety of methodologies. The most common method is face-to-face delivery, where a care provider and patient see each other physically. Rapid increase in demands of daily monitoring is driving homecare solutions. Thus there is a need to integrate more and more sensing and data processing capacities with on-site diagnosis and prognosis. Patients undergoing long term treatments need to take care of their medicine dose time to time. This becomes tedious in daily hectic schedule. In order to avoid these problems, an Intelligent Medication System is proposed which can be used at home as well as hospitals. Easy and quick human-machine interface is emphasized to make it convenient for the elderly or disabled patients. Additionally, Braille relays (Auto Relays), loud speakers and alarms are used make it convenient for the visually disabled persons to use the system. The system can communicate to doctor and medical stores easily, using GSM, in emergency. Processing is done by ARM7. Keywords—— ARM 7, Auto Relays, Intelligent Medication, Health care, Human Machine Interface.