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Femtocell Co-Channel Interference Reduction Using CASFR Scheme

Recently, in order to enhance indoor coverage and increase system capacity 3rd Generation Partnership Project - Long Term Evolution (3GPP-LTE) has resorted to Femtocell network. In LTE frequency reuse-1 is used to get maximum spectrum availability within every cell but it may lead to sever co-channel interference issue most especially at cell edge area. This paper proposed solution on such a co-channel interference problem that is Cluster-Aware Soft Frequency Reuse (CASFR) Scheme. The objective is achieved by allocating distinct set of Resource Block (RB) s to the cell-center and cell-edge users of all the interfering Femtocells with the help of proposed methodology. This method obtains improvement in the performance for the overall Femtocell network by efficiently reducing the uplink and downlink interference. Keywords--LTE, Femtocell, RB, SFR, CASFR.