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IOT based Smart Shopping Cart

Abstract - One of the major challenges of the Offline shopping industry is crowd control, especially long non-ending queues on billing counters. Companies and merchants lose huge sales potential due to the queues on the Billing counters; also, Customers are worried about their shopping experience. Our smart IOT enabled shopping cart is well developed to handle this issue and ease out this scenario for customers as well as sellers. It majorly works on Radio frequency signals to track the purchasing products using RFID System (EM- 18) display on screen, controlled by Arduino UNO. In this project we have worked on the idea that we can attach RFID tags on each product in a supermarket or a grocery store and with the help of tag’s unique ID (UID) we can retrieve specific product’s information like weight and selling price, etc. Getting the Total sum amount of products added in the cart, Removing a product from the cart, Quality of product and Generating link to pay the bill, etc. are some added features in the product/device to make the overall product market ready, dynamic and user responsive. Keywords - RFID Tag,Arduino UNO,WIFI Module , LCD Display, HX711(ADC Converter).