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Dielectric Modulated Junctionless GaN Nanowire Bio-Sensor

Abstract - We are simulating and analyzing a Gallium Nitride based Nanowire biosensor. WBGs, strong transfer characteristics, and a high breakdown field are all advantages of the Gallium Nitride based technology. For comparison analysis we've used Silicon Nanowire FET under similar biomolecule conditions. We have demonstrated that our model displays higher efficiency in the Bio-sensing and in terms of characteristic parameters like gm, Vt, SS and sensitivity and Ion or Ioff ratio it shows enhanced performance. Two distinct biomolecule situations are observed in our analysis first one differing biomolecule concentrations and second oneplacing dissimilar biomolecules specifically Biotin, DNA and Hydro protein. Enhanced bio sensing is considered in Gallium Nitride Nanowire FET thanks to the channel having superlative gate control, attributable to the design of Nanowire FET. Keywords - Bio-sensing; Gallium Nitride; Juntionless; Nanowire.