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Design and Simulation of Hairpin Bandpass Filter using Rectangular Shape Defected Ground Structure

This paper presents the Design and Simulation of Two Different Hairpin Bandpassfilters to enhance the Performance of the Filter. The First Filter is Designed to operate at 3.1GHz frequency on an FR-4 substrate with a Dielectric constant of 4.4 with a substrate height of 1.55 and we obtain a Return Loss of -45dB and an insertion loss of -1.11 dB The Second Hairpin Bandpass Filter is Designed using a Two Rectangular shape Defected Ground Structure and we obtained a Return loss of -59.21dB and an insertion loss of -1.13 dB. These are the important Parameter to Analyze Filter Performance. The Simulation is carried out in HFSS software. Keywords - Hairpin Bandpass Filter, Rectangular Shape Defected Ground Structure, Return Loss, Insertion Loss, FR-4 Substrate.